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8 Tips for Pest Prevention

Considering that, the last thing you want is disturbance from any external factors, as they may bother you and take away the peace and comfort you are supposed to enjoy. The external factors we are talking of may include things like pests, as some of them will bring in unnecessary noise, tension, and even damage. Such things will surely rob you of your peace. Right? That's why you need to do all you can to control pests and make sure that they don't find their way into your home. Follow the tips below to effectively control pests in your home:

  1. Look For Their Way Into Your Home: Before anything else, the first question you should ask is how such pests get entry into your home. Entry points may be places like cracks, gaps on your fence, among others. Having known that, inspect your home for cracks, crevices, and gaps that could be entry points for pests. If you find any openings, seal them with appropriate equipment, such as copper mesh, sheet metal, coarse steel wool, or mortar. Avoid using expanding caulk, as some pests could chew their way through it.
  2. Get Rid Of All Stagnant Water: As you may be aware, stagnant water is the first step you take in controlling mosquitoes. Mosquitoes always prefer such environments as their breeding grounds, just like the way other animals have places they prefer when they want to reproduce. Standing water may be found in rain spouts, toys in the backyard, among other places that are capable of holding water for a long time. Therefore, try as much as possible to identify potential water-holding places, so that you don't miss out on getting the standing water. You may also use some chemicals that kill mosquitoes and make that water dangerous for them to breed.
  3. Store Wood Properly: Termites are dangerous pests, especially if you have any wooden structure in your backyard. If you have any idle wood, which you may decide to store for various reasons, store it far from your wooden structures so that termites won't destroy your wood and spread on to destroy the other structures near that wood. The best way to store your wood would be to use chemicals that repel or kill termites. Other than that, always store wood on things like metal or plastic racks which are high from the ground, so that termites won't get to the wood.
  4. Maintain Your Yard: If you have some trees or shrubs near your house, they could be the reason as to why some pests come into your home, since such trees could be shelters or even "bridges" to your home. Therefore prune any tree that touches your roof, or the ones that are very close, since they may allow pests to come into your house easily. You also need to trim shrubs in your backyard, so that they aren't very leafy such that pests find them to be the perfect shelter.
  5. House Cleanliness: One of the main reasons why pests may come into your home is because the cleanliness standards are not significantly high such that they discourage pests from coming into your home. Make sure that your home is clean so that some pests like mice, rats, and others that like dirty and disorganized places will feel discouraged. Always have a cleaning schedule that allows you to clean every place in your home, at least twice in a month. You may skip some places during a regular cleaning, which is why you need to set some time aside, for a general cleaning exercise that covers every corner of your home.
  6. Eat Your Fruits and Veggies As Well: Allowing your fruits to get overly ripe while on the counter is one thing that could bring in fruit flies, whether you like it or not. When your fruits get overly ripe, you will notice some small flies that may have invited themselves to enjoy what attracts them to the fruits. Therefore, don't let your fruits stay on the basket for too long before you eat them. Besides, you picked or bought them so you could eat them, and that's exactly what you need to do.
  7. Control Your Trash And Litter: The smell coming from your trash may be the reason why some pests want to come into your home, and if your trash isn't picked up soon, pests may come in a larger quantity. If you normally have a lot of trash in your home, consider getting air-tight trash bins that will get rid of the foul odor. Besides, technology has made it possible to manage your waste in a better way, since some trash bins have filters that get rid of the smell, which means you can keep your trash in your home without fear of any bad smells.
  8. Concentrate On Your Kitchen: Your kitchen is undoubtedly one of the places where a lot of pest activity could take place, given that there is a lot of food wastes, as well as plenty of places where pests could hide. Therefore, always clean your kitchen thoroughly, and dispose of all waste in the right manner, so that pests won't find a reason to come into your kitchen.


In conclusion, the above are the most effective ways to keep pests out of your home, so you can enjoy the peace you deserve, for optimum comfort as you relax. At times, however, you need to consult professionals that provide pest control services, if you are not able to control them effectively on your own. They will use superior techniques and equipment to give you the best results. All considerations made, there will always be a way to solve any pest-related problems you have, upon using the right methods. Don't allow pests to deny you the peace and comfort you need to appreciate the good times you spend at your home.