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9 Ways to Prevent Ant Infestations

Pests are annoying and northern California residents don’t have to endure it any longer. Spiders, cockroaches, and bugs can be a thing of the past with these helpful steps. As a result, you will have a healthy home for months. Here is how you can control an ant infestation.

Don't Make The Home Appealing To Ants

Ants primarily attracted to food and water so you want to reduce any food clutter in your home. You should get rid of any standing water inside or outside the house, and all food should be stored in airtight containers or refrigerator when not in use. Never let too many days go by with excess dirty dishes in the sink as this attracts ants and other insects. Garbage should go out at least once a day.

Consider Natural Repellants

In areas of the house where ant infestation is the worst, consider using natural repellants. These include baby powder, vinegar, lemon juice, salt, and cinnamon. Place these items in the corners of rooms where the ant infestation is bad, and you should see results in a few weeks. This is a neat and eco-friendly alternative to store-bought pest control products. You can also kill some small ant colonies in the home by putting cornmeal all over them. This is because although ants like cornmeal, they gradually die after consuming it. Boiling water also helps fight infestation.

Use Ant Baits

Poisonous baits can also help get rid of ant infestation. The baits have a sugary-like taste to them that would appeal to ants. However, this sweetness is combined with poison and it eventually kills the ants in your home. Ants who consume these baits bring the food back to the colonies and since others in those colonies will die from consuming the bait, colonies get destroyed.

Bring Out The Spray

In some cases, you can spray the annoying colonies and get rid of them. For example, if there is an infestation in the yard, you can pour a mixture of water and dish detergent in a spray bottle then apply it to areas where the infestation is bad. You can also use diatomaceous earth and water as a good solution for spraying the ants in the yard. You want to wear a mask when spraying this mixture.

Boric Acid

This product is a favorite among homeowners who seek to eliminate ant infestation. Combine the boric acid with a liquid sugary substance such as honey, then apply it to the ant colonies. This method is one of the most effective solutions.

Seal Away

It is also important to seal off areas in the home that are prone to the development of ant hills. Caulk those areas well, particularly the areas near pipes and wiring. Reduce excess mulch and other debris around the house’s exterior and foundation as this keeps ant hills at bay.

Yeast And Sugar

Another common way of eliminating ants is to combine a half cup each of yeast and sugar. Dust this mixture in areas where you see the ants. Ants are attracted to yeast and when they see it, they take it back to their colonies. And when the ants consume this, they eventually die.

Do A Deep Cleaning In The Home

While you might do a daily surface cleaning of your appliances and your home in general, periodically you want to deep clean your home so that you will have fewer ant infestations. Start by decluttering each room then vacuuming them. You also want to mop and sweep your rooms thoroughly. Dust your furniture and reorganize it to get a better idea of where the roots of the infestation are.

Other Chemicals That Can Eliminate Ant Hills

Fipronil is a strong white powdery substance that kills ants by messing up their nervous systems. The worker ants who consume this chemical pass on the toxins to the other ants and then the entire colony is destroyed. Chlorpyrifos is a chemical that is sold as a pellet or spray. It generally does a good job of wiping out infestations.


Ant infestations and other pests are annoying for northern California residents but with the above-mentioned strategies, things should improve. If you maintain cleanliness on a daily basis, the ant hills will not become a problem. Finally, hiring a pest control company like Big Time Pest Control will be the surest way to get rid of ants.