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How To Tell If You Have Bed Bugs

They do bite, which makes them actively harmful to humans. People who recognize the signs of bedbugs will be more likely to get rid of them. Individuals who clean their homes fairly regularly and who make sure to wash their sheets all the time will be less likely to get bed bugs in general. However, bed bug infestations can still happen even to people who are careful to clean their homes all the time and who are always on guard against insect infestations. 

What Are Bed Bugs?

People with a bed bug infestation might be asking: what are bed bugs? Bed bugs themselves are insects that have a fairly flat body plan. They don't have any wings. They measure about a quarter of an inch in size. Most of them are brown, but some of them can have a white color. However, when they are full of blood following a feeding, they will tend to have a rusty color. 
Bed bugs are primarily nocturnal. People might be able to find them hiding during the day. They feed off animal blood in general, and that includes human blood. Many animals that drink blood have to feed fairly regularly. This is not the case for bed bugs. They can actually go for weeks between feedings. 
Bed bugs are more likely to occur in warm climates, such as Eureka, CA and other locations throughout California. They are also more common in the American South and the American Southwest. However, they can still occur in a wide range of different climates. 

Signs Of Bed Bugs

Some people might be able to see the bed bugs themselves, thus instantly knowing that they have bed bug infestations. Bed bugs will often be found along the seams of the mattresses. Sometimes, they might be found in the corners of households here and there. They're also frequently found on the sheets and in household fabrics in general. 
Other than that, the main sign of the bed bug infestation will be the bed bug bites. These bites present themselves as red and itchy flesh wounds. The bed bugs will typically bite people on the arms and shoulders, since these areas tend to be exposed more often and the surface area is very large in general. 

Bed Bugs Bites

Bed bug bites often look different from regular insect bites. Mosquitoes, for instance, will leave single bites that are very large and swollen and raised above the skin. Bed bug bites will often be much smaller. The bites will also occur in straight rows or ridges, which makes them much more distinctive. 
The good news about bed bug bites is that they do not seem to be capable of spreading disease for the most part. This makes bed bugs significantly safer than mosquitoes, which kill humans at a staggering level every single year. In fact, most parasites that live off of blood are capable of easily transmitting diseases, so bed bugs are significantly safer than them. Bed bugs are not as active as pests like cockroaches, which means that they are less likely to spread disease with just their bodies alone. The fact that they are so small also means that they don't have the surface area to easily spread disease in the first place with just their bodies. 
However, bed bug bites are still potentially harmful because all bites and skin abrasions can be potentially harmful. Bed bug bites are tremendously itchy. People might end up scratching them enough to end up with severely broken skin, leaving them prone to infection. There are some people who might end up with allergic reactions as a result of bed bug bites. It's a good idea to get rid of bed bug infestations even if these creatures are not the most dangerous pests. 

Pest Control

Bed bugs are not especially dangerous. However, people should not have to live with them. Waking up with rows of bed bug bites will never be pleasant. Bed bug bites are distinctive enough that people should be able to recognize a bed beg infestation relatively quickly. People might also be able to notice them on their mattresses and sheets if there are enough of them. When people learn to recognize the signs of bed bugs, they will be able to get rid of them. Contact us today for pest control services.