move or expand?

One of the questions we hear often from our customers here at Big Time Construction is: “ Should I move, or should I expand the square footage of the house I have now???” It is our goal to ensure that the money you are spending with us now, will earn you the most return in the future. Installing an addition to your already beautiful home, is a great way to increase property value, gain additional living space, and avoid the costly expense of packing up and relocating. Whether you would like to add a 500 sq. ft. space, or DOUBLE the living space of your home, that is what we do. In situations like this, Big Time Construction has the knowledge and resources to match existing finishes, update your home to current code, and even save you hard earned money in the long haul with energy efficient alternatives throughout. What better way to increase our property value than adding more comfortability!!! Please call the office or contact us here to set up an appointment. Building It, Big Time!!!