How Big of a Problem are Rodents?

The list of unwanted home invaders is quite extensive, even looking beyond those houseguests that tend to show up and stay far too long. In this particular context, we are talking about any pests that may be in the home, regardless of whether they are insects or animals.

Most people certainly will do what they can to avoid the infestation of their home by insects, such as termites, cockroaches and bedbugs. In most cases, however, they will not take any preventative measures to keep rodents from their home and typically, they only react to an invasion when it is active and ongoing.

Reacting to an invasion

One of the primary difficulties of reacting to an invasion of rodents once it is spotted is the fact that they are very secretive animals. When the populations are low, they are not typically going to be seen by humans. Rodents do tend to reproduce very quickly, so the numbers can rise very quickly and before you know it, you have a full-blown invasion on your hands.

Knowing the signs

Knowing the signs of a rodent invasion can make it easier for you to make the right move and contact Big-Time Pest Control. Some of the most common signs are any dead mice or rats that show up in the area. Most rodents will hide and the only time that they come out in the open is if there is a limited amount of space behind closed doors. By that time, you may see other signs, including grease or dirt marks along floorboards and walls or droppings.

Like many animals, rodents tend to follow the same path after it has been established. You can often find these paths around the home in grass or vegetation. In addition, the nests of various rodents can be found in out-of-the-way areas, including in attics, lofts or even under the floorboards.

Another sign of a rodent invasion is damaged material showing up in the home. Rodents tend to chew on almost anything that is around, including wood and plastic. If you see teeth marks on anything in the home, it is a sure sign that an infestation is underway.

Rodents and disease

One of the biggest problems associated with a rodent infestation is disease. Although they can certainly cause damage to the home and if a rodent dies in the home it can leave quite an odor, it is the disease that really frightens many homeowners.

As the rodents move their way around the home, they leave behind urine and feces. Coming in contact with the urine of a rat could lead to liver or kidney damage due to a disease known as leptospirosis. You can even contract this disease by inhaling airborne fecal matter. If you are scratched or bitten by a rat, it could lead to a disease known as rat bite fever.


There is no reason for you to live with these unwelcome invaders in your home. Routine rodent pest control by Big-Time Pest Control can help to root out the difficulty before it becomes a full-blown invasion. If you see any signs of rodents in your home, our professionals would be happy to help get it under control quickly.

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