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Problems that Rodents Cause in Your Home


Some people think of rodents as being relatively benign parasites. People have sometimes described the rodent and human relationship as one where the rodent benefits without helping or harming the human. However, symbiotic relationships like this are really rare in nature, and they certainly don't exist here. Rodents can cause a wide range of different problems in anyone's home, and these issues can completely compromise a person's quality of life. 


One of the worst things that rodents will do within a given household is spread disease. Rodents have very high metabolisms and they tend to process food quickly. This means that they produce a lot of waste. Their waste products all contain harmful digestive bacteria. People who are dealing with rodent infestations will often find feces all over their homes. When they're lucky, they will at least spot all of these contaminants and they will manage to clear everything up before this is a problem.
This is a good idea as a short-term solution for clearing up the scent from a rodent's feces might be able to stop other rodents from being drawn to that location. However, in some cases, residents will not be as lucky. They might end up accidentally touching the feces and touching their mucus membranes, which can be enough to spread disease. Accidentally eating rodent feces is not impossible. Rodent urine is very difficult to trace, and people might unintentionally make contact with it if they live alongside rodents in their homes. 
Most rodents are not infected with diseases like rabies. However, it's still possible. A mouse bite is still a medical emergency that needs to be investigated right away. Mice can spread genuinely dangerous diseases like the hantavirus as well. Rats and shrews, which can also infest homes, can be even more dangerous in a lot of cases. They are more aggressive than mice and they might be more inclined to bite people.

Household Damage

Mice and rats like the chew on things, and they don't know the difference between electrical wires and string. Chewing through an electrical wire can be excessively dangerous. Some mice have been known to cause fires after doing so. While this isn't going to happen every time, the mice will still cause a great deal of household damage when they do occur. 
Mice and rats will also chew on furniture and cloth, causing a lot of holes and cracks that would never have formed otherwise. These abrasions can be unmistakable. People will have a hard time hiding them. These parasites can cause hundreds or thousands dollars worth of damage just in this way. They can cause even more damage if they damage the structure of the house, which is not uncommon. 
The holes in the frames of houses that are often associated with mice are not just benign points of entry for them. These holes will actually damage a given household. Mice will not weaken the entire structure of a house in the manner of termites. However, they can still cause a lot of damage in the short-term and the long-term. They are trying to burrow in the house the way they would burrow outside in the wild, and this is always going to have lots of consequences for a house. 

Quality of Life

People should never underestimate the emotional damage associated with living with rodents. People will hear them chewing away in the middle of the night. They will be worried about getting sick. Rodents will sometimes threaten their pets or other members of their families. Mice and rats smell and they have a tendency to scurry around at the worst of times. Since they are most active during the points in the day when people are winding down, their capacity to harm people is even worse. 
Rodents are household invaders. They can damage a household just as surely as any creature that actually had malicious intentions. People who get rid of their rodent problems early enough will manage to save themselves thousands of dollars in a lot of cases. They will also be able to avoid medical emergencies in some instances, meaning they will save themselves in every way. Rodents are not benign house guests and should never be treated as such.  

Pest Control for Rodents

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