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Facts About Roaches


Roaches are some of the most infamous pests in the world. People are terrified of getting a roach infestation of their own. Roaches are also famous for being some of the most resilient pests in existence. They're difficult to kill, and cockroach infestations often recover. Beating back an infestation is tricky, which is one of the many reasons why it is useful for people to know more about these hated and feared pests. Keeping food sources sealed and stored properly is a good way of getting rid of roaches. Garbage sources need to be sealed and disposed of regularly to control the spread of roaches. Points of entries for roaches need to be sealed as well. Beyond that, people should just try to familiarize themselves with these pests. 

Facts About Roaches

  • Roaches are capable of living for a week after they have been beheaded. 
  • Roaches have a top speed of three miles an hour. Cockroaches that are one day old are nearly as fast on the ground as their parents. 
  • The American cockroach is capable of flying for short distances as an adult. 
  • American cockroaches, in particular, tend to be drawn to alcoholic beverages of all kinds. They especially like beer and alcoholic beverages that are sugary in some way. 
  • The cockroach species itself is 280 million years old according to modern evolutionary research. 

Can Roaches Give You Diseases?

Yes, cockroaches are capable of transmitting disease. They carry bacteria and germs on their bodies. Given their top speed on the ground, they're able to spread bacteria throughout a property at an unusually fast rate. While roaches are capable of flying for short distances, they typically do not. As such, they will be running across surfaces in a home and scattering bacteria all the while. 

What Types of Roaches Are There in America?

There are sixty-nine different species of roaches found in the United States specifically, and this is out of three thousand five hundred species of these bugs on a global scale. Insects have lots of offspring and short lifespans, so new species that cannot breed with other species will form quickly. It should be noted that only around five or six cockroach species commonly invade homes in the United States. The majority of the other species live outdoors. 
The American cockroach is ironically not the primary example in the United States, but they certainly occur there. The German roach is a more common species that occurs in America. The Brown-banded Roach, the Smoky Brown roach, and the Oriental Roach are among the roaches that Americans need to worry about explicitly. 

Can Roaches Hurt You?

Roaches rarely bite, but it has been known to happen. For the most part, they are harmful because of the diseases that they spread. They can walk on food and give people food poisoning as a result of salmonella bacteria. People who breathe in their body parts and feces can develop asthma attacks or allergic reactions in some cases. Roaches are also certainly capable of destroying food supplies and entire properties, which is a source of indirect harm in its own right. 

What Is Their Life-Cycle?

Female American cockroaches will produce oothecae egg cases a half-week or a week after the mating process. The egg cases will have about fifteen different embryos in them. Female roaches have a very high reproductive output since they can produce as many as fourteen of these egg cases throughout the course of their lives. Female cockroaches will carry the egg case on their abdomens for hours or days, and then they will hide the egg cases in safe and hidden locations that they select. They will use their saliva to get the egg cases to stay in one place. 
It should take twenty-four to thirty-eight days for the baby nymph roaches to emerge. The nymphs will shed their exoskeletons as part of their development. They will shed their exoskeletons as much as thirteen times by the time they reach adulthood. Each time they shed their exoskeletons, they will resemble adults more and more. It takes about a year or a little less for roaches to reach maturity. They live for a year as adults in most cases. However, given the tremendous reproductive output of a single roach, people certainly cannot just wait for individual roaches to die. 

Cockroach Extermination

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