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6 Signs Your Home Might be Infested with Termites


One of the biggest fears that most homeowners have is termites. Just the thought of these nasty little bugs eating away at their home can send most people into panic mode. While not everyone will be infested with termites, an invasion can happen and is more common than you might think. Keeping your home termite free is very important to not only the structure of your home but also your investment. Today we are going to learn some warning signs that as a homeowner you should always be on the lookout for.

Flying Termite Swarms

One of the first signs of a possible termite infestation is flying swarms of termites. When a colony of termites becomes too crowded many of the males and females with leave to form a new colony. They will fly far from their original home in search of a new place to breed. Often these flying termites will build their new home under a house or other wooden structure. Swarms can happen during certain times of the year and also after it has rained. Termites love moisture and often move when the ground outside is wet. Also, you may find thousands of tiny wings on the ground that look like fish scales. This happens when the termite swarm has come to an end and they have found a new place to call home.

You Notice Sawdust Under Your Home

As we all know termites eat dead wood and most of our homes are made out of trees. When termites are present inside the structure of your home, you may notice what appears to be sawdust in crawl spaces. But what you are seeing is not actually sawdust but in fact frass. Frass is basically termite feces that they push out of their tunnels. This is one of the warning signs that a termite inspector looks for. So if you notice sawdust or frass in the crawl spaces of your home, it’s time to call a professional and have your property evaluated.

Clicking Sounds Inside Your Walls

Another sign that you may have termites in your home are funny clicking sounds that come from the walls. This noise will be faint but if the room is quite enough you just might notice it. This funny noise happens when soldier termites bang their heads on wood to alert the rest of the colony of a danger. Soldiers are the defenders of the colony and they help watch over the workers while they are getting the wood from your home's structure. Additionally, you also may be able to hear the worker termites munching on the wood of your home because they are very noisy eaters.

Small Holes in Your Drywall

Termites can not only damage the wood structures of our homes, but they can also eat small holes in the drywall. These holes are often at the bottom of the drywall where moisture is often collected. So make sure to inspect the drywall inside your home during your yearly inspection. This will help you catch a termite infestation early which just might prevent major damage.

Hollow Sounding Wood

You should inspect your home at least once a year and look for hollow sounding wood. This can be a sure sign that termites have attacked your home. As these pests eat away from the inside out, they will often leave wooden beams hollow which can compromise your home's structure. This damage can be quite costly and if left unchecked you can expect to pay thousands of dollars to remedy the issue.

Mud Tunnels

Termites need lots of moisture to stay alive. They will often build mud tunnels up the side of a home's foundation in order to access the wood. These tunnels will keep them moist and prevent them from dying while going from their colony to get more wood. If you notice these tunnels in and around the foundation of your home, you should do something about it quickly to prevent further damage.

Termite Control Services

As you can see there are many different signs that you should look for. If you notice any of these signs while inspecting your home, you should contact Big Time Pest Control, a termite control company right away. This will ensure that any termite infestation is stopped in its tracks.