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Tips on Getting Rid of Flies


There is no doubt about the fact that getting rid of flies is very important, especially in places like Northern California. Fly populations can often thrive in these areas. In some places, local fly populations are actually getting worse. This can make things frustrating for the people who are trying to control fly populations in their own households. There are different things that people can do in order to reduce local fly populations, but in many cases, this will only take the edge off of the problem. 

Facts About Flies

  • Many flies carry different diseases that can be spread to humans. 
  • Earth has more than 100,000 species of flies. 
  • Flies can feed off of almost any organic matter, including fecal matter, fruit, and garbage. 
  • Flies can thrive in all of the same habitats that are suitable for humans.
  • Due to their compound eyes, sneaking up on flies and killing them manually is very difficult. 

Essential Oils

Using essential oils to control fly infestations these days is very popular. This is partly because essential oils are not toxic to humans but are undoubtedly toxic to many insects. After all, the original plants that produce these chemicals often do so to defend themselves against insects. Humans are large enough that the chemicals will not affect them. The chemicals will just affect the much smaller pests that threaten humans. 
Eucalyptus oil is particularly useful when it comes to getting rid of flies, just as peppermint oil is very useful when people are trying to conquer an ant infestation. It is possible that a wide range of essential oils can help with a fly infestation. Some people will apply the essential oils by moistening strips of cloth with them and then hanging the strips of cloth from windows and the walls. This can be a step forward in that regard. Applying the essential oils directly onto the windowsill or around a given building can also help. People might at least notice a partial reduction of the local fly population as a result.

Controlling Food Sources

Flies can be a problem even in clean buildings. However, it is true that they will tend to gravitate towards the areas that will give them an easy food source of some kind. They will have something to eat, and this will cause their population to expand right away. Flies that are well-fed will devote more energy to breeding and less to survival. 
People who keep all of their food contained and out of sight will have an easier time controlling the flies around your house. It's just as important for people to be able to keep everything clean in their homes, especially with regards to food waste and mess.
Oddly enough, this situation can be tricky with regards to scented soap. Some flies will enter a room that has no edible organic matter just because they smelled the fruit. Soap that smells like fruit or flowers can actually attract flies, as odd as it seems. People are better off using soap that has a less natural odor or no real odor at all if they are interested in controlling the population of flies in their area. The flies will not be able to live off of synthetic chemical soap, but it can still attract them in large enough numbers to make things frustrating. 

Setting Traps

There are lots of different traps that a lot of people will set to make sure that it is possible to get rid of at least some of the different flies. These days, there are lots of different types of traps that people can set that will not necessarily involve any toxic chemicals. Apple cider vinegar is very popular these days in general, and it's very effective at getting rid of some flies.
People just have to fill glass jars with apple cider vinegar and put paper lids over the jars that have small holes in them. The flies will be attracted by the scent of the apple cider vinegar, and they will fly in through the holes. They will then get trapped since many of them will not have the capacity to figure out where the holes are again. People can periodically empty and refill the jars, again and again, to fix this situation, although this still probably will not get rid of all of the flies.
Ultimately, people will often struggle to control flies, especially in areas like Northern California. Working with professional pest control services can make all the difference in the world for the people who have tried to control local fly populations unsuccessfully.