What Is the Worst That Can Happen?

There are 2 different ways that you can go about caring for pest control. You can either be proactive or you can be reactive. Those who take a proactive approach have a pest control service come by their home on a regular basis to keep any problems at bay. On the other hand, those who take a reactive approach tend to wait until they see signs that there is a problem and then contact the pest control service to care for it.

In many cases, calling the pest control service when problems become evident can take care of the issue, but what type of damage is occurring before they arrive? In many cases, the problem may have existed for quite some time before any visible evidence becomes obvious. During that time, damage may be taking place to your home that pest control services are unable to correct.

So what is the worst that could happen if you take a reactive approach to pest control?


Believe it or not, termites have a number of beneficial properties but that is not the case when it comes to human habitation. Terminates can not only cause visible damage to the home, they can also compromise the safety and strength of the structure they have infested (find out about termite inspections). By the time you realize that a problem exists, the damage may be so bad that the structure could be unlivable until repairs take place.


One of the more challenging home invaders, rodents can also be difficult to control. They may create a very harmful environment to anyone in your home. Not only do they cause damage to the home, they also breed very rapidly and the population can explode in a very short amount of time. By the time you realize that you have a problem, it may be much larger than you think.

One of the biggest issues associated with a rodent invasion is the possibility for disease. Rodents are capable of transmitting many different types of viruses, bacteria and diseases through their feces, urine and even their saliva. Rodents sometimes require both preventative and ongoing maintenance to control.


There are many different types of cockroaches and they range in size from very small to quite large. Some of them are even able to fly short distances. When you have an infestation, they can cause a wide variety of health issues.

Although cockroaches may be beneficial when they are outside of the home, when inside of the home, they may bring a variety of diseases in with them. Cockroaches are typically found in the kitchen near food waste. They often emit sound and unpleasant odors and can easily carry disease from one area of the home to another. Cockroaches are one of the most common causes of year round asthma and allergies.

Be Proactive

These are just a few of the many pests that are common in northern California. Contact Big Time Pest Control today for more information as to how we can control the pest problem before it really becomes a problem.

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