Why Bedbugs Should Not Be In Your Home

The small blood sucking bugs can live in cracks and around dark places in your bed, mattress or even walls. During the night, most of them crawl out and bite exposed skin to suck blood. Undoubtedly, it is the reason why most homeowners squirm when they hear there are bedbugs in their homes. Characterized by their flat oval shape, going up to 5mm long, the bugs come in various colors; dark yellow, red or brown. They can survive several months without food, that is, warm blood meal.

Although there is no known dangerous disease the bugs cause to humans, the physical reaction on how their bites can be an opening to other non-bug related infections. Also, the bugs are known to cause psychological discomfort and allergic symptoms to humans. They can pass on up to 28 human pathogens through their bites called cimicosis.

So why would a homeowner strive to keep the pesky ectoparasites away from them? The obvious answer is that they're really bothersome creatures. Other reasons to get rid of them include;

Cimicosis Leads to a Range of Skin Infection

Their bites may have visible effects of prominent blisters on the human body. Although their bites do not transmit any known disease, the scratching on the skin as a result of the bite can cause wounds on the skin. The itching is usually unbearable, and the scratching exposes the skin to other external infections from bacteria that surround us. It opens a new way to getting a larger blister-like skin inflammation, and if not treated, the wounds ground into further complications.


If you live with small children and the elderly, bites expose them to the risk of suffering from anemia. Recall that on average, a bedbug feeds for about 3-15 minutes, 3-4 days in a week. It causes pain, increased redness and swelling on the body of a child especially in exposed area such as the arms, face, neck and arms.

Cause Asthmatic Reaction

It is important to note that the bugs may cause an anaphylactic reaction. First, if they live on the bed, especially those made from wood, they lay many small eggs that can be blown into the air, since they are light. When inhaled, they are likely to cause sneezing and coughing. Secondly, the asthmatic reaction is likely to be due to the skin they shed as they grow and later on die. Thirdly, the bugs when disturbed emit an alarming musty scent which smells like coriander which could trigger respiratory complications to individuals who are allergic to fumes and fragrances.

Psychological Concerns

The mere thought that your home is bed bug infested may cause lack of sleep and stress to homeowners. Also, the bugs are not visible during the day, not until the night where they come out to feed. Although some people may not feel the bites or react to the bites, the thought of having the insect crawling on your dressing is not comforting in the first place. Let us not even mention the embarrassment at a public place like workplace when the bug crawls out of your shirt or blouse during a meeting. The bug may also bite you, but you may be embarrassed to go on scratching yourself in public and create a scene. The condition is known as delusional parasitosis, which is the thought of being eaten alive.

Huge Expense of Getting Rid of Them

Getting rid of bugs from your home can be tough. The best chance you have in getting rid of bedbugs is by seeking professional assistance from a pest control company. Apart from this, you may need to wash all your bug infested clothes and beddings, putting them in a dryer and on a hot setting for close to 30 minutes. Consider disposing of your mattress and furniture that the bugs have heavily infested, encasing the said items in plastic covers so that no bug drops or gets out. Go to the entire home, vacuum clean under the carpets and rugs, headboards and cracks on the walls. It also requires you to heavily invest in some powerful insecticides to spray on the affected areas.


A bite from a bedbug causes itching on the affected areas. They carry other pathogens which are the greatest risk posed by the bugs. Additionally, the psychological concerns caused by them leads to lack of sleep and stress. Remember, they do not typically become visible until a day or more after the insect’s feeding. Some people never react to being bitten while in others; large marks can appear which gradually become small red marks. It is important you contact a physician if you are experiencing bed bug bites. If the insects are in your home, seek the services of a pest control professional to eliminate them.