Fall Pests

As the nights begin to cool, pests are making plans for their winter vacation.  Just as you and I want to get out of the weather and stay warm, so do unwanted pests.  In the fall, many pests are working their way indoors. 

Ants are moving their nests to protected locations, probably inside the walls of your home.  If you pay close attention, you will see ants on the move outside.  Follow the trails, you may see them going up the foundation and under the siding, then disappearing.  Well ants don't disappear.  They are moving their ants into your wall voids.  Then when we get a warm day, they come out aggressively searching for food.  So what is a homeowner to do?  Big Time Pest Control offers a year round service to keep ants from building up large populations around your home and them moving indoors in the fall and winter.  Reducing populations all year long will help prevent this huge influx of pest when the weather changes.

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by Mike Bullert

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