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Who is Big Time Pest Control?

At Big Time Pest Control, we believe in providing service that is fast, efficient, professional, and friendly. We provide pest control, termite treatments, rodent control, and more!

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About Big Time Pest Control

When you choose Big Time Pest Control, you are getting much more than someone to spray your house. Effective pest control is a thought process and a calculated control strategy. Your Big Time Pest Control technician is extensively trained on how to identify your specific pest problem and plan a treatment. We incorporate many treatment strategies that are both chemical and non-chemical. The combination of different approaches, also know as Integrated Pest Management or IPM, is the most effective way to control pests.

Often times your technician will make recommendations such as trim back tree branches or repair a leaking faucet. By knowing the biology of the pests that we are targeting we can make your property less inviting to them and make our service more effective. Your technician is not just there to spray, but to look at the big picture to help you maintain a home free of harmful and destructive pests.

All of our service professionals undergo on-going training and are licensed in the state of California, as well as are GreenPro- and QualityPro-certified. As a company, we are involved with the State and National Pest Association. We take pride in volunteering with our community—in fact, all of our staff was born and raised in Redding! We know our people and our pests better than anyone. When you partner with Big Time, you aren’t just working with a pest control business; you’re working with your neighbors.

If you have questions or ever have a reoccurrence of pests, please call us out to take care of it. Re-services are always free for our current customers. We are here to serve.


5 Star Review

The staff is amazing and I haven't had spiders or ants in my yard or house since they started coming!

Leslie Babbitt
5 Star Review

We've used Big Time to help keep ants under control the whole 8 years we've owed our home which is plagued with ants wanting water in the summer and wanting away from water in the winter. Big Time has been helpful and prompt every time we've had an infestation prion to our next service. Thank you!

Aleasha Barnes
5 Star Review

We are very pleased with the prompt, thorough & professional services we are receiving with Big Time Pest Control. We also appreciate the reminder calls of upcoming service dates. We highly recommend this business to anyone searching for a quality company to deal with.

Barbara Barr