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Learn the Ins-and-Outs of Pest Control From the Experts

Pest control is complicated, so let your friends at Big Time Pest Control make it simple. Read any of our blog posts to learn how to best take advantage of your pest control treatments and keep your home safe from unwanted invaders!

Our Pest Control Blog


The 3 Deadliest Pests in Northern California

Keeping a nice, clean, safe and insect free home may not be as simple as some people may think. Since nice air conditioned homes can even be a target for invasions from a wide variety of different kinds of pests today.Read more

Facts About Black Widow Spiders

Many people are terrified of black widow spiders. Female black widow spiders are indeed dangerous to humans, even if the level of danger that they pose to humans is hugely exaggerated.Read more

Facts About Earwigs

Chances are if you are a homeowner in Northern California, you know about earwigs. They are those creepy little insects that are surrounded by a lot of myths.Read more

Facts About Sow Bugs

Sow bugs are classified as harmless creatures but are believed to be a nuisance when they find their way into your home in large numbers.Read more