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Learn the Ins-and-Outs of Pest Control From the Experts

Pest control is complicated, so let your friends at Big Time Pest Control make it simple. Read any of our blog posts to learn how to best take advantage of your pest control treatments and keep your home safe from unwanted invaders!

Our Pest Control Blog

rodent in backyard of home

Types of Rodents

Mice and rats get all of the attention, but California is home to many different kinds of rodents both large and small. Getting to know them and the signs they leave behind may just prove helpful someday, should they ever sneak into your home.Read more
A juvenile black widow spider

Black Widow Spider Facts

Many people are terrified of black widow spiders. Ease your anxiety and learn more about them, how to identify them, and what to do if you get bitten by one.Read more

Facts About Earwigs

Chances are if you are a homeowner in Northern California, you know about earwigs. They are those creepy little insects that are surrounded by a lot of myths.Read more

Facts About Sow Bugs

Sow bugs are classified as harmless creatures but are believed to be a nuisance when they find their way into your home in large numbers.Read more

8 Hobo Spider Facts

Hobo spiders are increasingly and widely spreading to the other parts of the world. This has lead to spread of many myths and opinion of hobo spiders some which are non-factual.Read more