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10 Facts About Ants


Ants are the most annoying pest in the world. Some of them can have a very powerful bite despite being such a small size. There are more than 10,000 species of ants found in the world. Because of their size and abundance, they are one of the most interesting species to study. The craziest part about them is that they are very civilized like the human species. Through various stages of evolution, they evolved into highly adaptable creatures that makes them very successful on earth. If anything, they are like a tiny version of human being.
There are ten interesting facts about these little pests that we might not know.

1) They Have Super Strength

They can carry objects that are 10 to 50 times to own bodyweight. The amount that they can carry depends on what type of species they are. For example, the Asian weaver ant can carry 100 times its own weight. Just imagine if the ants were a human being and working out in the gym with you. You will feel pretty intimidated watching him bench pressing fifty to hundred times his own weight. Arizona State University reports that the ants' muscles have greater cross-sectional area relative to their small body size. This is why they are able to carry such huge amount.

2) They Don’t Have Lungs

Because they are so small, they don’t have a complex respiratory system. That means they don’t have lungs to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide. So how do you take Breath? They have holes throughout the body that takes in oxygen. This way, the oxygen can circulate throughout the whole body.

3) They Don’t Have Ears

Unlike other organisms that have ears, ants don’t. Ants have a special way of hearing that is more efficient than other organisms with ears. They often use the vibration from the ground to pick up potential signals that are ahead of them. Through these signals, they can analyze what is going on. They can even communicate with each other through vibration signals.

4) There Are a Lot of Ants

There is an estimate that there are over 1 million ants for every one human. If ants were our size, they will definitely outnumber us. With both of their intelligence, adaptability, and number, they can dominate over us if they could be a little bit bigger.

5) Some of Them Are Asexual

Some Amazonian ants have the ability to clone. The queens can make genetic copies of themselves to create the colony that is all females and no males.

6) Excellent Farmers

They are very similar to us. Humans raise cows, sheep, chicken, fish, and other plants to create agriculture and food. Ants will do the same. They will create and raise food supplies as well. They will even protect their food supply from predators and create a shelter to protect the crops from the rain. Ant colony can create a farming system to grow their own food just like humans.

7) They Are Two Stomachs

Ants have two stomachs. One part of the stomach is for holding food for their own consumption. The other stomach functions to share food with other ants. This will allow the colonies to work efficiently.

8) Can Swim

Ants can doggy paddle in the water. To make it simple, they are amazing survivors. They can even hold their breath underwater for a long period of time. They can also build boats to survive the flood.

9) Slave-Making

There are groups of ants in the colony that specialize in slave making. Slave-making is when they invaded other colony and captured their ants, and make them work for their colonies.

10) As Old as Dinosaurs

Ants have been around for about 130 million years. They have seen the lives of dinosaurs and their existence. That means they know more than us.
Ants are the most fascinating creatures in the world. Through millions of years of evolution, they have evolved into highly advanced creatures that are as complex as human beings. They create societies and colonies that work together as a team to survive.

Each ant has a special task and skill that contributes to the society. They can even farm and grow crops to make food for the colony. They can build shelter and boats for survival purposes. Overall, the ant society is very similar to primitive human society.

They can even communicate, groom, and mate. Because of their intelligence and huge numbers, ants will be able to dominate of human beings if they have the size. Lucky for us, ants are tiny, which gives us a significant advantage. Because of their number, they are often a pest. They obtain food in groups, so it can be annoying to see a vast amount going after a candy bar that you left on the table. If they are left alone, they can take over your house.

Fortunately, many pest control companies are experts when it comes to ants. They have strategies and techniques to keep these intelligent pests under control.