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Cockroach Hiding Places in Your Home


Cockroaches! That name always leaves many people with goosebumps, and unfortunately, these disgusting creatures are pros at hiding. You can refer them to as the acrobats of the insect world thanks to their ability to crawl so fast and squeezing through cracks and holes which even a dime couldn't fit in. They are not only disgusting, but they also carry disease-causing pathogens and seem to pop up only when you have visitors around, and that is usually not a welcoming sight. So if one happens to pop up in your house then chances are you have an army of them, so it's time you start taking action by finding out where they hide.

Fortunately, you don't have to get gray hairs because below is a list of the common places that cockroaches hide in a home.

Start Looking in the Kitchen

The kitchen has always been a haven for cockroaches. It provides the warmth, water and also plenty of leftover foods which can last these pests for as long as they live which is about six months. And the sad thing is that they are experts at hiding thanks to their extra sensitive antenna which detect minute vibrations caused by any movement and hence the moment you step in your kitchen they all scuttle into hiding.

So the first place you need to check is in your kitchen specifically in the parts listed below:

  • Appliances - Appliances such as a fridge, microwave, dishwasher, toasters provide the ideal conditions for roaches. Additionally, they can hide behind the motors of these appliances and feed on the leftovers especially if you do not clean your kitchen appliances thoroughly, so this is one of the many hiding places a cockroach has
  • Cabinets - Kitchen cabinets are often dark which is also another ideal condition for roaches and most of the time your food supply is kept there so why won’t Mr. cockroach hide here
  • Sinks - Sinks have sufficient moisture which is also an ideal condition for roaches’ survival
  • Ceiling - Yes, ceilings. Chances are that one is hanging over you now and if anyone happens to fall through it, then you may have an army of them flying down on you. Ceilings are often dark and also warm due to the warmth coming from the rooms below. They are also moist most of the time, and so offer ideal hiding places for roaches. Additionally, they are not often accessed, and they can easily escape when someone lights a flashlight in there. So if you notice cracks in your ceiling, then this is where they come from during the night and go back when it starts to get lit.
  • Pipes - If you get creeped out by brown and black wings and bodies of cockroaches then chances are you will get even more creeped out when you see a wet one. Unfortunately, if you have leaking pipes or pipes that run in the dark with open faucets, then you might be seeing wet roaches soon. Reason being pipes are moist which is an ideal condition for the growth of mold which they feed on. Moreover, they are dark and have enough water so why wouldn't they be comfortable. They have food, water, and darkness. So if you happen to see a wet roach crawling in your apartment, then it's time you call your plumber to check for leaks and also have pipes between walls insulated and gapped to get rid of them.
  • Furniture - If you thought that your cozy couch is comfortable only for you only sorry to let you know because cockroaches get the same feeling from them too. So if you drop food on the couch and do not bother to wipe, then you are adding even more to the fun of cockroaches. The soft materials and fabric on armchairs provide tight and dark spaces which they can climb in and hide until you retire to your bedroom and live the house to them.
  • Bookshelves - If you are a book lover then sorry to break this news to you, but there are cockroach species which feeds on paper and book bindings. Also because a bookshelf has a lot of books put together and even when you need to read you always pick one not all, it provides sufficient darkness and enough hiding space. So take out all your books and inspect the pages to see whether they are torn and also whether there are any roach eggshells in them or the shelf itself.
  • Wall décor - If you don’t often move your clock, picture frames or other wall art pieces then you are providing an excellent spot for a roach to hide during the day as it waits for you to flick the switch so it can come out

Other hiding places:

  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Trim and molding


In a nutshell, cockroaches are highly sensitive insects and once one shows, then chances are you have more of them than you expect (see our cockroach pest control services). They are averse to darkness and will scuttle away as soon as you turn the lights on.  Besides the places listed above a roach can hide anywhere as long as it has the ideal conditions. To prevent embarrassment and disease, take action as soon as you notice one.