Jerusalem Cricket AKA The Potato Bug FAQs


If you are in your garden, you may notice a strange-looking bug that you have never seen before. Apart from people fearing Jerusalem crickets due to their appearance, they are one of the most famous insects due to their human-like head. Jerusalem crickets are often referred to as a potato bug.

Jerusalem Cricket (Potato Bug) FAQs

Though they are related to grasshoppers, Jerusalem crickets are different. Many things have been said about this insect, and many questions have been raised as well. 

Are Jerusalem Crickets Common?

Why Is It called Jerusalem Cricket?

Do Jerusalem Crickets Bite?

Are Potato Bug Venomous?

What Happens If A Jerusalem Cricket Bites You?

How To Treat A Potato Bug Bite

How Did A Potato Bug Get In My House?

Are Jerusalem Crickets A Pest Problem?

Do Potato Bugs Scream

How to Get Rid of Potato Bugs

Are Jerusalem Crickets Common?

Jerusalem crickets are not that common in most countries. Due to their strange appearance, many people consider they have discovered a new species when they see the insect for the first time. They are common in the Western U.S and Mexico. They are also common in semi-arid and dry climates globally.

Why Is It called Jerusalem Cricket?

While there is no clear answer where the Jerusalem crickets name originated from, this site mentions that they are known as Niño de la Tierra in the Spanish language which means ‘Child of the Earth’. Jerusalem crickets eat decaying plants and vegetation which is where this name came from. 

Do Jerusalem Crickets Bite?

Yes. Unlike other insects that bite without reason, potato bugs bite but only when they are provoked. They have strong jaws that enable them to bite hard.

Are Potato Bugs Venomous?

Its bite can be painful, but Jerusalem crickets are not poisonous.

What Happens If A Jerusalem Cricket Bites You?

According to research, if a Jerusalem cricket bites you, you will have flu-like symptoms, sores on your skin, and skin rash. 

How To Treat A Potato Bug Bite

In the event you are bitten by a Jerusalem cricket, the first thing to do is to sanitize the affected region. After that, use warm water and antibacterial soap to wash your hands. Next, apply an antibacterial cream or gel to help heal the sores. 

How Did A Potato Bug Get In My House?

If you find a potato bug in your home, chances are they are being attracted there. Be sure to inspect your gutters to make sure they are working properly. Potato bugs are attracted to moisture that accumulates near your home. 

Are Jerusalem Crickets A Pest Problem?

Jerusalem crickets are not regarded as a pest problem. The reason is that they feed on decomposing organic matter, roots, and small insects. They also spend most of their time in the rocks and only come out at night and are usually seen in small numbers.

Do Potato Bugs Scream? 

Like all other animals, crickets have their unique way of communicating with each other. Although they do not have ears, they communicate by producing a hissing noise or by rubbing wings. Most of the time, their communication occurs during the mating period. They talk with other crickets through vibration.

How To Get Rid Of Potato Bugs 

While some people might consider Jerusalem crickets harmful, they are not. This is because they feed on small insects and they are likely to eat those harmful insects that might damage crops. Even though Jerusalem crickets are not confirmed pests, they can be found in large numbers in gardens. 

In the event you see them in such a group, there are several ways you can use to get rid of them. One way to eliminate Jerusalem crickets from your garden is by clearing away anything that can hold moisture. This means always keeping your garden as clean as you can. 

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