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Signs of a Centipede Infestation in Your Home

The signs of a centipede infestation

Centipedes know how to hide, here are some of the signs that will tell you that these nocturnal creatures have infested your house.

You Have Pests

There are many things that could signify you have centipedes in your house. One thing is the presence of pests in your house. If you see pests, be ready to take action because centipedes feed on them. Pests on the other hand feed on the sweet food in your house. You need to find out first which type of food in the house that brings pests and avoids it. Pests produce certain identifiable smells.

According to experts, mice produce a stuffy urine odor, rats have an ammonia-like smell, and bed bugs have a sweet musty stench. You will also know there are roaches in your house if there is a greasy smell similar to fecal soy sauce. Garbage smell in the house is not a good sign as it can attract more pests. You are likely to hear scratches on the walls as mice, and rats like hiding behind walls and beneath floorboards. That is why it is essential to prevent centipede infestation as early as possible.

It Is Winter

When it is cold outdoors, we tend to get inside to warm ourselves.  That is not different with centipedes. They too want to feel warm when it is cold outside. If your house is warm, it might attract centipedes. You should, therefore, watch out for the house centipedes during the cold season. However, infest your home any time of the year.

Bites at Night

If your house has holes in the floor or walls or around the building, there is a possibility centipede could be hiding in them. Since these nocturnal creatures are tiny, it is not easy to notice them in their hiding. But if you feel some tiny and uncatchable creatures biting or walking on your body at night, this is a sign you have house centipede infestations. Though they are poisonous, they don’t bite human skin. Therefore, bites could be from pests.

Facts about house centipedes:

  • They have 15 pairs of legs and are longer than one inch with a frightening appearance
  • They move quickly on the ground.
  • House centipedes survive in a high-humidity atmosphere
  • When not looking for food centipedes are probably looking for a place to rest.

How to Get Rid of Centipedes

After you have known the signs of house centipede infestation, here are some tips on how to get rid of them.

Kill any centipede you come across immediately. You can use a hard object to smack them.

Make use of sticky straps: While sticky straps are useful for detecting various pests, they are also helpful for getting rid of house centipedes. You can get sticky straps from your nearest store. Put the straps in areas that are prone to house centipedes such kitchen and bathroom.

Use insecticides: In case of high house infestation, use insecticides. Some of the pesticides damage the nervous system that paralyzes it to death.

Keep the house dry as most of them thrive in damp areas. Centipedes quickly die if they live in dry areas. By keeping your house dry, you will kill some of them and keep them away from your house. You can also use dehumidifiers to keep your home dry.

If your house is pests infested, ensure you get rid of the pests. This is because house centipedes feed on pests. Therefore, if you do away with the pests, you will have taken away their source of food.

Centipedes find their way to your house through cracks in the walls. To get rid of them, ensure you seal all the crevices. Do away with the spaces around the windows and doors. Cover the ground floor fixtures with a window screen. This will not only do away with them but also other bugs.


House centipedes do not leave a trace of their infestation, but you will notice them moving quickly on the ground and walls during the night. This is because they are nocturnal creatures and only come out when it is dark. You can find centipedes in the house in areas such as drains, crevices, basements cracks, bathtubs, and the dark regions.

House centipedes can be annoying just like most pests. In case you notice many house centipedes in your home, it is a sign you have another underlying issue. This is the best time to get professional pest control services in Northern California.