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Termite Damage to Your Home


Apart from fire, wind, and flood, termites are the next threat to many homes in Humboldt County. It constitutes serious threats to wood structures in the home. In the US alone, a report had it that termites cost well over five billion dollars in annual damage. Because of termites’ threat to the home, homeowners should be concerned about how to deal with the problem before it gets out of hand.

Types of Termites

In the US, there are at least two species of termites. They are the subterranean termites, and these reside underground. The second category is the dry wood termites. These live in wood. You can always find the dry wood termites in furniture, framing, as well as in your hardwood flooring.

Both termite species are dangerous and they are discovered to be more active during the warmer seasons. Homeowners should look out for certain signs and when these signs are available, they should serve as evidence that termites are invading the home. Even if you are finding it difficult to detect when termites are there, you can rely on experts to educate you more about termites and how to deal with it when it invades your home.


Hollow Sounding of Wood

The first sign that termites are invading the home is the wood sound. Termites do not like to stay in places where they can be seen. Because of this, you cannot see it feed in the wood surfaces, rather they would leave the surface and feed inside the wood. The outer part of the wood may appear smooth while the inside may have been consumed by the parasite. If you tap the wood, and it sounds hollow, it is an indication that termites have attacked the wood.

Discarded Wings

If you observe discarded wings in your home, you can invite termite specialists to examine the home to determine whether it is termite invasion or not. Usually, reproductive termites would always take flight, especially when they want to create new colonies. You can see the wings discarded in the process. When you see this, it is a sign that termites are invading the home.
Cracked paint on wood surfaces. When you see distorted or cracked paint on wood surfaces, it could be evidence that dry wood termites have invaded the home. It is important that you do not allow such openings in the home because it could provide an opportunity to swarming termites to get to your home. Seal any crack whether it is in the house foundation, windows, vents, or near your roofs. It would make it difficult for termites and other insects like spiders, cockroaches, as well as bugs to enter to your home.
There are different ways termites can enter to the home and cause serious damage. If you have every reason to believe that termites have entered the home, then you have to take immediate steps to deal with it.


Because you may not know the extent of damage done to the house by termite, it is necessary that you invite an expert to look into it. You have to look for a licensed pest management expert to carry out a thorough check in your house. The experts would determine the best way of dealing with the problem. A customized treatment may be recommended by these experts, and prevention plan can be initiated if it has not invaded the whole house. Some preventive treatments that you can administer include applying of liquid repellents, woods treatment, as well as baits and fumigation if necessary. This would not only kill the termites, but other insects such as spiders, vermin, bugs, and so on. This can make your home healthy again.

Secondly, special skill is required to get rid of termites from your home. You can get somebody who has building construction knowledge to help you identify those potential areas these can enter. Some special control tools like pumps, masonry drills, soil treatment rods, and large capacity tanks can be used to treat the problem. One of the special treatments that you can apply includes applying a liquid called pesticide. This is also known as termiticide. This can be injected into the ground of the building, especially the foundation, concrete slabs, and so on.


You have seen that termite is a threat to many homes across the country. It is necessary that the problem is identified in time. Two categories of treatment are available and they include bait and liquids. Both treatments can be very effective in dealing with this problem. The most important thing is that you should look for a professional to guide you in whichever treatment option you want to use.