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We exterminate ants in and around your home and business and help you understand how to keep your space ant-free.  There are some steps you can take to help stop the problem, but once they show up ants can be difficult to get rid of.  Contact us to get rid of your ant problem for you and read below to understand more about ants and how to avoid becoming infested with them.


There are many different types of nuisance insects that can invade the home, but one that is seen on a more frequent basis is the ant. Once they get a foothold inside of the home, they can be difficult for the homeowner to eradicate on their own. Understanding more about the ant can help you to see ways that they can be removed from the home or at the very least, to make the determination that a professional service is in your best interest.

Something that many people don't recognize is that ants are not typically indoor insects. In almost all cases, the primary nest of the ant is found outside, typically near to the home and they will only travel into the home in order to search for water or food. In addition, the majority of ants that enter into the home are females that have no wings and they are simply workers that provide the food and water that they are collecting from your home for the good of the colony.


It is also interesting to note that there are some ants that have wings, especially when they are in a reproductive phase. Although they are not seen on a regular basis, they may emerge from the colony occasionally and you will see them flying in swarms. Fortunately, this type of an invasion does not typically affect you inside of your home, but it can be a problem outside, although it is temporary.

Many insects can be considered social but the ant is one that excels at it’s social skills. Inside of a typical ant colony you will find many thousands of these insects living together with each other and doing their individual tasks, regardless of whether it is reproducing, construction, foraging for food or defending the nest from invaders.Inside of the nest is the queen or in many cases, several different queens that are responsible for the reproduction of the entire colony. Worker ants will remove the eggs from the queen and tend to them until they are able to care for themselves. This would include providing for the egg until it hatches and protecting the larva from outside invaders.

Ants may spread in a number of different ways. In some cases, multiple queens can be found in a single colony and they will break off into individual colonies in a process that is known as budding. In other cases, the fertilized queen will fly to a new area, shed her wings and try to establish a colony of her own. In either case, ants can spread very rapidly and you may end up with a significant problem, if they happen to be spreading near your home.


Fortunately, there are things that you can do to reduce the spread of ants in your home and to remove them. Since most ants enter into the home looking for food and water, removing the source of food and water can help to reduce the issue significantly. In addition, slow acting poisons can be used as bait for the ants, and they will carry it back to the colony and destroy it from within. If you have a problem with ants, you can count on our services to provide you with the quality and dependability that you need.


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