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No one wants to share their space with pests, and with Big Time Pest Control, you don’t have to! Since 2001, we’ve helped homeowners squash their pest problems—let us help you, too. See what our pest control in Mount Shasta can do for you today!
Get same-day and Saturday pest control with Big Time Pest Control!

Same-Day & Saturday Service

Pests don’t waste time destroying your home, so we don’t waste time kicking them out! With Big Time, you get same-day and Saturday service for fast relief.

With Big Time, your pest control is 100% guaranteed, including a pest-free home and free re-treatments!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Nothing’s worse than seeing pests after a service. When you partner with Big Time Pest Control, you get a big-time guarantee: free re-treatments if your pest problems persist!

Partner with Big Time for 24-hour pest control support.

24-Hour Phone Lines

We understand how nerve-wracking it is to see pests and have to wait until the next morning to get answers. Big Time pest Control offers 24-hour phone service to help at any time.

Communication between management and employees is outstanding. I am given all the tools to perform my work with precision and excellence.


Pest Control in Mount Shasta, CA

As a pest control company, we know infestations can happen at any time, which is why our team of exterminators are always ready to tackle them. Whether you’re dealing with wasps in the backyard, silverfish in the bathroom, or a mystery critter in your attic, the experts here at Big Time Pest Control have you covered. With our affordable prices, flexible scheduling, and family-friendly products, there’s no better option!

Our exterminators in Mount Shasta will protect your home from a variety of pests through services such as:

  • Ant control
  • Spider control
  • Silverfish control
  • Flea and tick control
  • Termite control
  • Cockroach control
  • Wasp control
  • Rodent control
  • And more!

Get a free quote today!

Tough on Pests, Not Your Family

Pests in your home are more than just unsettling—they can also be dangerous. They can aggravate allergies, cause bodily harm, and even transmit diseases, which means they put the well-being of your family in jeopardy. Rather than rely on ineffective store-bought products that provide short-term relief, trust our pest control services. We are a local pest control company that safely eliminates pests at their source, making it feel like they were never there to begin with.

When you partner with us for pest control in Mount Shasta, we will:

  • Perform a thorough inspection, searching every nook and cranny of your home for signs of pest activity.
  • Create a custom treatment plan using our inspection findings, ensuring pests are eliminated as efficiently as possible.
  • Use family-friendly, reduced-risk products to eliminate pests without putting your loved ones in harm’s way.
  • Take preventative measures to keep pests gone for good so you don’t have to worry about them returning.
  • Perform free re-treatments if pests persist after we treat your home.

Free Re-Treatments if Pest Persist

You deserve a pest-free home and we’re dedicated to making it happen. That’s why our exterminators in Mount Shasta use the best products available and guarantee that you’ll see results. If pests persist after we treat your home, simply let us know and we’ll re-treat at no additional cost.

Save 50% today!

Rodent Control in Mount Shasta

Rodents can easily find their way inside your home—for adult mice, all it takes is a hole the size of a dime for them to wriggle inside. Unfortunately, rodent removal isn’t as easy. Store-bought traps and bait are difficult to set up properly and only provide short-term relief. If you have a rodent infestation in your home, you need professional rodent control in Mount Shasta.

Family-Friendly Protection from Mice & Rats

Rodents are a hazard to your home and family. They can ruin furniture, contaminate food, damage drywall, and even chew through electrical wires. Rats and mice also carry dozens of diseases, including salmonella and hantavirus. For a safe solution, choose our rodent control in Mount Shasta. We use reduced-risk methods to remove rodents, not toxic bait, so you don’t have to worry about kids or pets being exposed to chemicals. To ensure rodents are gone for good, we offer free re-treatments if rodents persist after our service.

Bed Bug Treatment in Mount Shasta

It’s hard to have sweet dreams when you’re waking up to itchy red bites, rust colored stains on your mattress and sheets, and the telltale scent of bed bugs. If you’re worried that you might have an infestation on your hands, you’re probably right—1 in 5 homeowners will encounter these tricky pests at some point, and no matter how clean you keep your house, you’re still at risk of being in that 20%. The best thing to do if you suspect an infestation is to contact a professional pest control company before the problem escalates. At Big Time Pest Control, we understand time is of the essence, which is why we guarantee service within 24 hours. Call now for the best bed bug treatment in Mount Shasta, and we’ll have a licensed exterminator at your home in no time! 


Bed Bug Exterminators You Can Trust

One of the reasons it is so challenging to get rid of bed bugs is that the longer it takes to find the right treatment, the greater the population grows until you have pests hidden in every nook and cranny of your home. Don’t waste valuable time on DIY methods which often leaves behind eggs and the root of the problem. Instead, get the help of a QualityPro-certified bed bug exterminator at Big Time. 

We guarantee complete elimination of bed bugs in your home with:

  • A FREE same-day bed bug inspection. 
  • Assistance from our certified bed bug detection dogs, Bugsby and Radar.
  • Reduced-risk treatment proven to be safe and highly effective.
  • Year-round bed bug protection for $79 a month with our Defender Pest Control Package.
  • Free re-treatments if you are not 100% satisfied with our services.

Termite Treatment in Mount Shasta

Finding termites in your home is one of the most devastating discoveries a homeowner can make. Unless treated immediately by a professional pest control company, a termite infestation can quickly lead to thousands of dollars in property damage. With Big Time Pest Control right around the corner, however, termites are not the end of the world. With our top-quality termite treatment in Mt. Shasta, we can get rid of termites quickly and completely and help you maintain a termite-free home. Contact us today and get $100 off our unbeatable services!


Get 100% Termite Control in Three Months or Less!

Termites are tricky pests with the ability to withstand a wide variety of treatment methods. That’s why you need Big Time Pest Control’s Quality-Pro certified termite exterminators on your side. With the following tried-and-true methods, our expert exterminators will ensure that your home remains 100% termite-free: 

  • A thorough termite inspection to determine the type of pest present on your property and create a customized treatment plan.
  • Full exterior baiting to establish a lasting barrier against subterranean termites.
  • Full exterior application of Termidor, an EPA-approved liquid treatment proven to provide 100% control in less than three months!
  • Monitoring to ensure drywood termites do not return once eliminated.
  • Safe and effective fumigation for serious infestations. 
  • Advice from expert termite exterminators on what you can do to keep them away for good.
  • A one-year warranty on all our treatment programs for your total peace of mind.

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