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Bed Bug Treatment in Northern California

Are bed bugs robbing you of sleep? Not for long! Partner with Big Time Pest Control, and you’ll not only get guaranteed relief from a certified bed bug exterminator, but you’ll have access to a same-day bed bug inspection. Get rid of bed bugs and get back to sleeping soundly in no time when you partner with us for your bed bug treatment in Northern California!

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Did you know that 1 in 5 American homeowners encounter bed bugs? This frustrating pest has been on the rise in the United States in recent years, due to the resiliency bed bugs have against traditional treatments. No matter how clean your home is, you can still end up with bed bugs in your mattress and furniture as they’re drawn to body heat and carbon dioxide — something we all possess. If you suspect an infestation and are in need of a bed bug exterminator, call Big Time Pest Control at 530-212-7599 to get your free bed bug inspection today!

Signs of Bed Bugs

As bed bug exterminators with years and years of experience, we've seen it all. We often see people get bed bugs and fleas confused because they leave similar red welts on your body and often inhabit the bed area. However, it's important to note that flea bites tend to be on the lower part of the body (legs and feet), while bed bug bites are usually on the upper part of the body (arms and shoulders). 

If you are worried you have a bed bug infestation and are thinking you need bed bug removal, there are a few key bed bug signs:

  • Rusty brown stains on bed sheets: As you sleep these bugs will feed. While feeding they will often be crushed. This will stain the bed sheets and even the mattress and is a sure sign that you have bed bugs.
  • Black or dark red spots on furniture, walls, and clothing: Bed bugs don't just damage your bed—they can also make their way into almost anything dark.
  • Red bumps on arms and legs: These are bed bug bites. They can become itchier and even painful over time, especially if you're allergic to their saliva or feces.
  • Bed bug eggs: If you find small pale-yellow eggs about the size of a millimeter you probably need to call in a professional. This is a definite sign that bed bugs are breeding and producing more bugs inside of your home.
  • A musty, wood-like odor: This smell comes from their scent glands.


Ditch the DIY Treatments & Choose Certified Bed Bug Exterminators

Figuring out how to kill bed bugs without exterminators is nearly impossible. These pests are not only hard to spot, but they reproduce quickly and can burrow deep into your mattress, making bed bug removal hard to do with store-bought chemicals. Plus, DIY bed bug treatments are not only ineffective because they can’t kill eggs, but they can also be a risk to you and your loved ones and pets if they aren't applied properly. Don't attempt to handle bed bug removal on your own — let the professional bed bug exterminators at Big Time Pest Control provide professional bed bug removal.

Reduced-Risk Bed Bug Removal Service

When you partner with our bed bug exterminators at Big Time Pest Control, you don’t have to worry about bed bugs coming back. We have been protecting our community and neighbors since 2001 with our professional bed bug control services—in fact, we are the leading bed bug inspection company in Northern California—and we can do the same for you. Our bed bug control services include:

  • Free, same-day bed bug inspections for fast identification and relief.
  • Certified bed bug detection dogs, Bugsby and Radar.
  • Effective treatment from a highly trained, QualityPro-certified bed bug exterminator.
  • Reduced-risk bed bug extermination to give you peace of mind.


Bed Bug Extermination Starting at $79/Month

Looking for a pest control package that will effectively protect you from all pests, including bed bugs? Our Defender Pest Control Package has you covered, offering you protection from pests, rodents, termites, bed bugs, and ticks. Our bed bug control services are family-friendly and provide you with long-lasting results you can count on. This applies to most single-family homes under 3,000 square feet within our service area, and initial fees do apply.

Facts About Bed Bugs

Interested in knowing more about bed bugs or what they like? Here are some facts that can help you be more prepared:

  • 1 in 5 people you know have encountered or know someone who has been in contact with bed bugs
  • Most Americans worry about bed bugs in public spaces, such as: hotels, public transportation, movie theaters, retail stores, and medical facilities.
  • Most are worried about being bitten by a bed bug—even more so than bringing them home!
  • Bed bugs have not been demonstrated to transmit any human diseases.
  • The only time bed bugs will be in human contact is for a feeding, which occurs at night.
  • During the day, bed bugs tend to hide in cracks and crevices, mattress seams, and behind baseboards and electrical outlets.

24-Hour Phone Service for Fast Relief

If you’re up in the middle of the night with bed bugs, know that we’re up to help you out. At Big Time Pest Control, we pride ourselves in providing 24-hour phone lines that you can call any time if you’re experiencing pest problems at inconvenient times! 


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  • Refer to your service agreement for more details on the service plan you've chosen

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