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Get $100 Off The Most Effective Termite Treatment!

If you’ve got termites in your home, you’ve already got enough to worry about without the extra stress of expensive Northern California termite treatment. As a locally-owned company, we at Big Time Pest Control know the struggle. That’s why we offer $100 off termite treatment in Northern California!


Termite Treatment in Northern California


These destructive pests are notorious for invading homes in any climate and wreaking havoc on walls, floors, and your home’s infrastructure. At Big Time Pest Control, we don’t believe you should face the stress of termites alone. Our Northern California termite exterminators are QualityPro-certified and here to help—all you have to do is look forward to a termite-free home. 

Guardian Pro

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Our Guardian Pro Pest Control package protects against pests, rodents and termites!

Includes 6 scheduled services per year and unlimited re-services.

Starting at $59/month!

Initial Fees Apply

Termite Warranty

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Our Exclusive Quad Termite Warranty package offers you protection from all four types of termites to keep your home safe and sound!

Starting at $30/month!

Initial Fees Apply


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Our Defender Pest Control package offers you protection from pests, rodents, termites, bed bugs and ticks!

Includes 6 scheduled services per year and unlimited re-services.

Starting at $79/month!

Initial Fees Apply

We offer professional termite treatment in Northern California, including:


Get a Free Same-Day Inspection for Fast Relief!

Termites act fast, but so do we. The longer you allow these insects to overrun your home, the more damage they do to your home’s infrastructure and resale value. Let your friends at Big Time Pest Control put your worries to rest. We offer free, same-day termite inspections to help you save money and time. That way you can stop worrying about termites sooner rather than later.

Here are common signs of infestations our Northern California exterminators look for:

  • Hollow-sounding floorboards
  • Doors and windows that stick
  • Piles of termite wings
  • Peeling wallpaper 


A Range of Treatments to Suit Your Needs

Termites can be hard to tackle. They’re resilient pests and capable of burrowing deep into your home’s walls, making it hard to find and eradicate all of them. Because we believe in a job done right, our team at Big Time Pest Control offers a range of termite treatments in Northern California. Our featured product, Termidor, is an EPA-approved, high-quality liquid termite treatment that has been proven to provide 100% control of termites in three months—or less! Other treatment options we offer include: 

  • Full exterior termite baiting protection
  • Termite monitoring and detection programs
  • Full exterior liquid treatments with iron
  • Spot treatments
  • Fumigation
  • And more!

If you aren’t sure what sort of solution is best for your home, just contact one of our expert Northern California termite exterminators to learn more about the advantages of each treatment! 


Additional Details

When booking a service with Big Time Pest Control, don't forget to:

  • Call for complete details
  • Make sure we service your area
  • Refer to your service agreement for more details on the service plan you've chosen

Guaranteed Protection From Termites 

Termites are expensive house guests. When they invade, you want to know that you’re getting will get the job done—for good. That’s why our team at Big Time Pest Control offers a one-year warranty on termite treatment in Northern California! That means we will re-treat for free if termites persist for the first year after initial treatment. We also provide yearly inspections to ensure your home’s protection.

Are you ready to take back your home from termites?

Schedule your free inspection today!