Rodent Extermination For The North State

There are many different types of pest issues that you may deal with in Northern California. For many Redding homeowners, it is a matter of controlling insect infestations, such as ants or spiders but in some cases, the problem may be somewhat larger. If the issue you are dealing with is rodents, regardless of whether it is mice or rats, you can count on the services of Big Time Pest Control to care for your every need. Simply call us on the phone or fill out our easy online web form for more information or to set up an appointment.


Some homeowners may consider mice to be somewhat of a nuisance, but the reality of having mice in your home is far worse. Admittedly, mice can look cute when you see them at a pet store or perhaps on TV but when they are roommates in your home, they can make you very sick.

There are a number of different diseases that a common house mouse may bring to the table. Those diseases are spread to humans through droppings, urine and saliva and nesting materials may be infected. Some of those diseases are salmonellosis, hantavirus and listeria. Although you may not have heard of those diseases before, an infestation of mice could easily spread them and those diseases can be deadly.

Perhaps you are thinking that the problem is not too bad at this time, and many homeowners are fooled into thinking that they only have a single mouse. Yes, it's possible, but when you consider that a single female mouse can produce up to 60 babies in a year, the problem is quite serious. In addition, those babies have babies so the problem grows exponentially.

Finally, mice can be a very harmful visitor to your home. As a rodent, they chew on anything possible, including your household electrical wiring. If they happen to chew away the insulation around the wiring, the opportunity for a fire increases. According to some estimates, one out of every four house fires is due to an unknown cause, and may very well be caused by rodents.


Rats are also a problem for many homes in Northern California and they certainly are an unwelcome houseguest. Not only are they destructive, both in their feeding habits and nesting behaviors, they can transmit serious disease.

Most people are alerted to a problem with the rat infestation, either because they see a live rat or because of rat droppings. If you have seen such issues, you likely have a healthy rat population, as those are typically signs that the problem has grown.

It doesn't matter if you are dealing with mice or rats; rodent control is a serious issue. It involves the health of your family and an infestation could cause serious damage to the home as well. If you have a problem, you can contact Big Time Pest Control, the leading resource for exterminating bugs and pests in homes and businesses throughout Northern California. Not only can we get rid of mice effectively, we can get rid of rats and let you take sole possession of your home again.

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