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Same-Day Rodent Control to Eliminate Your Problem Fast

When rodents invade your home, you have to act fast. From destroying your walls to contaminating your food, these dangerous pests pose a huge threat to you and your home. But with Big Time Pest Control, you won’t have to worry. Our rodent control in Northern California will help you take back your home in no time—in fact, we can be out to treat your home the day you call with our speedy and effective same-day service!


Rodent Control in Northern California


Whether you know you have rodents or think you might have another type of pest, Big Time Pest Control has your back. Our expert Northern California rodent exterminators are highly trained to identify common signs of rodent infestations, such as the following: 

  • Droppings
  • Smell of urine
  • Chewed-up wires and gnaw marks on wood
  • Small holes in cabinets
  • Damaged food bags in your pantry

Guardian Pro

Most Popular

Our Guardian Pro Pest Control package protects against pests, rodents and termites!

Includes 6 scheduled services per year and unlimited re-services.

Starting at $59/month!

Initial Fees Apply


Most Popular

Our Defender Pest Control package offers you protection from pests, rodents, termites, bed bugs and ticks!

Includes 6 scheduled services per year and unlimited re-services.

Starting at $79/month!

Initial Fees Apply

Reduced-Risk Treatments for Your Peace of Mind

A rodent infestation can be scary. Not only are they a hygiene hazard, but rodents carry a variety of diseases, such as salmonella and Hantavirus, meaning they could potentially make you or your loved ones ill. However, dealing with store-bought rat poisons can be equally scary. Thanks to Big Time Pest Control, those worries will be off your mind thanks to our reduced-risk rodent control in Northern California. You won’t have to worry about toxic bait stations or interior traps—all you’ll have to worry about is how to celebrate having a rodent-free home again!

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24-Hour Phone Line for Your Convenience

Rodents don’t follow a 9-5 schedule—so neither do we! If you ever have any questions about your service, our professional and friendly Northern California pest control experts will be available to talk on our 24-hour phone line, so you’ll never be without protection and assistance. That’s the security you deserve. 

Free Re-treatments if Rodents Come Back!

Store-bought and DIY solutions don’t come with a warranty—and it’s almost guaranteed they won’t get the job done. With Big Time Pest Control, not only will you receive rodent control in Northern California from highly trained experts, but that fantastic service will come with a satisfaction guarantee: if your rodent problems persist, call us and we’ll be back to set it right—at no additional cost to you! 


Additional Details

When booking a service with Big Time Pest Control, don't forget to:

  • Call for complete details
  • Make sure we service your area
  • Refer to your service agreement for more details on the service plan you've chosen

Areas We Service

Big Time Pest Control has been protecting homes like yours since 2001 with our professional rodent control in Northern California, and our QualityPro-certified rodent exterminators are here to help! We provide professional rodent control in Northern California, including:

Say goodbye to rodents for good!

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