How to Keep Mice Out of Your Chico Home


Mice can be a huge problem in any home. They can contaminate food, spread diseases, and cause a lot of damage. If you're having problems with mice in your Chico home, don't worry - we have some tips for you! In this blog, we will discuss how to keep mice out of your home and prevent them from causing damage.

Common Mice Found in Chico

There are two common types of mice found in Chico - the house mouse and the field mouse. House mice are typically grey or brown, while field mice are usually white. Both types of mice can be a problem in your home, but the house mouse is more likely to cause damage and contamination.

Prevent Mice From Getting into Your Home

If you live in Chico and are dealing with a mouse problem, there are a few things you can do to try to prevent them from getting into your home.

Our top tips to prevent mice from getting into your home include:

  • Seal up any cracks or holes in your foundation or exterior walls. Mice can squeeze through very small spaces, so it's important to make sure there are no openings for them to get through.
  • Keep your yard clean and free of debris. Mice like to nest in cluttered areas, so keeping your yard tidy will make it less inviting for them.
  • Remove any food sources that might attract mice. If you have bird feeders, for example, keep them clean and free of spilled seed. Store food in airtight containers and don't leave crumbs or food scraps around.
  • Use mouse traps or bait stations to catch any mice that do manage to get into your home. Be sure to check and empty the traps regularly.
  • Try using natural repellents, like peppermint oil or cayenne pepper, to deter mice. Simply mixing a few drops of the oil with water and spraying it around your home will help keep mice away.
  • Keep areas such as your attic and crawl spaces well-ventilated and free of clutter to discourage mice from taking up residence.
  • Store firewood at least 20 feet away from your home and keep it off the ground. Mice like to build their nests in woodpiles, so keeping them away from your home will help deter them.

Do Mice Hibernate in the Winter

Mice are active year-round and do not hibernate in the winter. In fact, they are more likely to enter homes in the winter to escape the cold weather.

Local Chico Rodent Exterminators

If you have a mouse problem in your Chico home, the best solution is to call our local rodent exterminators. The professionals at Big Time Pest Control have the experience and knowledge to get rid of your mouse problem quickly and efficiently. Need pest control in Chico? Contact us today to schedule a free inspection.

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