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4 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Garden Pests

Every farmer or gardener expects a good harvest. This is after putting a lot of efforts to tending the crops; a little appreciation for the great, yet tedious work is hence quite encouraging. To those that love the work, one never realizes any time passing, and with no time, the crops are up and doing great.

However, in the course of your farming, you need to frequently check your garden for pests such as bugs among other notorious and merciless pests that could destroy your crops. On noting any signs of pest infestation; then an action ought to be taken in time to rid of the pests, and allow a healthy growing and maturing environment for the crops. However, prevention is better than cure, but in case the pests attack; you ought to be ready to rid them before they destroy your garden. Here are a few tips on how to rid them.

Simple Ways To Rid Crops Of Pests

You need not necessary invest in quite expensive equipment, or very expensive pesticides to rid pests off your garden. Even the simple ways count, and they can be done easily with the few equipment in your household.

Use Of Water

Water is life. It’s quite vital for crop growth as well as their survival, not to mention the good it does to humans. Well, water may also be a solution to your pest problem. Put water in your spraying pump and take time to walk slowly through your garden spraying water on the leaves. Do not forget the bottom sides of the leaves; this act as the hiding place for the pest. On spraying the leaves, all pests fall to the ground, and this gives them the opportunity to “fight for their territory” obvious none survives. This keeps your garden safe from pests, and the birds may eat the little remaining ones.

Soapy Water

Soap is usually irritating. Imagine how it feels on getting into contact with your eye. Well, the case isn’t much different from what happens on coming into contact with pest’s skin. Add soap to the water in the spraying pump, and gently spray on the crops’ leaves. This doesn’t need to be much, to slide the pests out of the leaves; only a little is needed to come into contact with the skin. The soap irritates the pests, peeling off their skin, and eventually, the pests die. Living your garden much safer. Hot pepper and garlic may also be an alternative.

Setting Traps

Slugs and other slimy pests also attack gardens, and they often attack in the night. They may prove a little hard to rid, but they also fall into traps. Keep an area free of plant litter or excessive mulch around your vegetable garden. As the night falls, lay boards on the ground to act as traps, slugs will be caught in the boards, and you can get rid of them in the morning. Sharp, dry surfaces e.g. diatomaceous earth may also act as good traps. On coming into contact with the surface, the soft bodies of the slimy pests is cut and eventually, the pest dies of dehydration.


Bugs are common in almost every garden. However, they can easily be got rid of through natural ways that will not prove harmful to human beings. The use of beneficial insects such as the ladybird, the praying mantis among others, serves as an effective way to get rid of bugs. Setting barriers and referents, act as walls that hinder contact between the pests and the garden. Also, allowing the crawling animals, some space may also act as good control measure. Moles, for instance, will only leave behind holes in the surface but will eat almost all pests that may be on your farm.

Pests control need not be quite an expensive endeavor. It all needs a little creativity and patience, and all pests will be off your farm without you even realizing. Take time to learn a few weaknesses of the pests in your farm then use it against them.